THE NEW AGRARIAN CENTER LOCAL FOOD SUMMIT included Community Investment & Finance Workshop featuring Slow Money NEO (sustainable Cleveland 2019 Working Group)

On Saturday, March 10, 2012, the New Agrarian Center Local Food Summit keynoted by June Holley, an expert on innovation, collaboration, and networks (20 years Executive Director of ACENet) and Jack Ricchiuto whose focus is coaching and facilitating leaders, organizations, and communities to build their capacity for change, brought together Local Food leaders to create the environment to move toward your dream “this season”.  This program followed the Friday, March 9, day-long session to become “Network Weavers” including by invitation guests who already are considered “network weavers” in the Local Food community.  A Network Weaver Community departed from Friday’s session to participate in the Saturday Summit which included workshops on “Creating a Homestead Farm”, “Community Investment & Finance”, “Building Soil & Sustainable Growing”, “Chef Turned Urban Farmer”, “Starting From Scratch:  One School’s Transition to Cooking From Scratch with Local Food”.

Slow Money NEO was included in the “Community Investment & Finance” workshop.  Slow Money NEO enthusiasts left the Summit — which we are now referring to as a “Valley” as a much more fertile term– ready to expand the Slow Money concept espoused by Woody Tasch to include multiple forms for financing local food entrepreneurs including how community banks can become involved……truly an exciting day and collaboration reaching from Oberlin toWest Salem to Wooster to Youngstown to Appalachia–truly from the Lake to the Ohio River.   All participants are now part of the Slow Money NEO network, and future meetings of attendees will be scheduled.

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