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The existing Ohio chapter is not the same as the investment vehicles (clubs, networks, standalone/P2P transactions, crowdfunded campaigns, you name it) that we all want to see emerge, evolve and succeed. The Ohio chapter is here to catalyze funding of local food and farming enterprises, raise funds for local and national Slow Money activities, facilitate direct investment by individuals, groups of individuals and all sorts of combination of direct and indirect (through institutions) investment in the Ohio food systems.

As the organization grows nationally and spread deep local roots, the largest and more active local groups may become independent chapters.

For now, each local group is like a hub, with three kinds of partially overlapping spokes. Organizing/LOCAL, learning/SLOW and doing/MONEY. In each region and across the state we hope to see soon a club here, a club there, maybe a network between the two, direct loans to farmer Jane, small investment in cheese artist Joe.

Check out what is going on at the local level. Please consider joining an existing group or creating a new one in your area.

We are here to help. We need your help.
Thank you!

Local Groups:



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